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3 Awesome Exercises for Pregnancy!

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the lovely Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health at her office in Toronto.   Joy is a holistic nutritionist and author of Joyous Health: Eat & Live Well without Dieting {her book is amazing}!  She’s also a glowing mama-to-be and an awesome patient of mine.

We put together a video for her blog of three amazing pregnancy exercises mamas can do at home. Performing these exercises daily will help maintain mobility and strength in your spine and pelvis during pregnancy and help prepare your body for labour and delivery {in addition to seeing a chiropractor, of course!}.

So grab a fitness ball and watch our video here!  Also check out Joy’s website at for loads of other amazing recipes and neat health and wellness tips!


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Top 5 ways to be a healthier, happier mom!

Motherhood. It can have its ups and downs. I know, from experience, that your new role as a mom can be overwhelming and taking care of yourself is not a top priority. But it should be!

Follow these easy steps to a happier, healthier mama.

  1. Take time to recover from labour and delivery

Many new mamas are super eager to get back “at it” following the birth of baby. (Trust me, I was one of those moms). But it’s important to give your body time to heal even before you tackle tasks like laundry or dishes. Even things like standing for long periods or going up/down stairs can affect your recovery. Not overdoing it will actually help you heal more quickly. You will be back in the swing of things faster than if you try to sneak in a quick workout before you are ready. Take some time to let yourself adjust emotionally as well. This is a new role and you’ll need some transition time.

  1. Breastfeed

Yes, breastfeeding provides amazing benefits to your wee one including improved immunity and higher IQ but it’s also great for you too! Moms who nurse their babes have a reduced risk of suffering from postpartum depression. In addition, prolactin, the milk-making hormone, also has a calming effect on mothers. Although I know it can be difficult in the beginning, once you’ve got the hang of it nursing can be efficient. No bottles, no sterilizing and no formula!

  1. Stick with healthy eating habits

If you are a new mom, you may be like me – RAVENOUS! I couldn’t get food into me fast enough. If you’re breastfeeding, it’s especially important to stay fueled up to support your milk supply. But even if you aren’t breastfeeding, eating healthy is important for your well-being as a new mama! Busy days with a new baby aren’t ideal for meal planning and preparing, but try your best to plan ahead and keep your pantry stocked with healthy snacks! Here are a few ideas: nuts & seeds, veggies (baby carrots), fruits (berries, apples, bananas), yogurt, smoothies.

  1. Breathe in the fresh air

I remember going crazy inside the house in early March just after my daughter was born. In Toronto it was still snowy and chilly and I was feeling mental from being with a baby all day long. My husband forced me to walk in the garden for a few minutes one sunny, snowy afternoon. What a difference! Stepping outside and breathing in the fresh air I felt instantly uplifted. Soaking in the sun is the easiest way to get your dose of Vitamin D. Strolling through the neighbourhood with your babe a few times per week will definitely give you a good dose of happiness!

  1. Keep it in perspective

We can all relate – some days are better than others. But remember, bad days don’t last forever. And when your baby is celebrating his first year birthday – you’ll wonder where the time went. Enjoy this time, soak up her sweet smile and listen to her soft coos. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you’re not on your game. You don’t have to be a supermom….you’re baby loves you for you!

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Fit Mama Friday: An ol’ favourite!

If you haven’t already invested in one of these – the time is now! Stability balls are great for squeezing in an at-home workout when you can’t get to the gym (in my case, a sick baby!).

Research has shown that simply doing crunches on a stability ball boosts activation of the abdominal muscles by 24 to 38 percent. Variations for core workouts include the plank, back extensions and bridges.

At work, trade your desk chair for a stability ball to engage more muscles while sitting thereby boosting strength and burning calories.

Balls range in size from 55 cm to 75 cm. To determine what’s right for you look for a ball that keeps your knees at right angles or your hips slightly more elevated than your knees. Find them at any fitness store, Winners, Walmart or Running Room.

It’s a little bit of awesome in a round ball!


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New Season – New you! Spring into Activity!

It’s the first week of March!  And as I sit nestled on my stool at our kitchen counter with the sunshine pouring in (yay!), I can’t help but get excited about my new fitness goals for this season!

After pretty much hibernating this winter, spring brings more chances to get outdoors and ram up physical activity.  The trick is to ease back into a more active lifestyle – and not overdo it!

Here are some tips to get your body conditioned to more active lifestyle:

  • Stretch: Stretching before and after physical activity helps keep you in action longer. Perhaps even try a dynamic stretch before a run or sports such as soccer and a static stretch after
  • Hydrate: Staying hydrated before, during and even after physical activity helps the body pump more blood to muscles keeping them work efficiently and without injury
  • Sleep: It can be difficult to adjust to the longer days and summer hours in the spring, especially with abrupt daylight savings adjustments.  Sleep deprivation and insomnia often cause injuries and other health problems since a tired body is a weakened body.
  • Eat Well: Adding more activity means a busier schedule!  Don’t forget your fruits and veggies.  The spring season means those heavy comfy meals during winter aren’t needed.  But that doesn’t mean you need less calories!  Be sure to feed your body the good nutrients it needs to sustain your busy lifestyle.

Above all, be sure to set some goals and carve out some time to achieve them this season!  Happy Spring!