Becoming a Biz Owner with a little help from RBC

One of my earliest and fondest memories is of spending time after school and on weekends with my dad at his small dry-cleaning business in Toronto. I watched as he worked hard at all aspects of his business – from payroll and accounting to fixing a broken washing machine and sorting hangers – he wore all the hats of his business! The one thing I remember most is seeing how much he cared about his customers. I was always amazed by how much he knew about them and their lives and families.  

It was his entrepreneurial drive and passion that inspired my sister and I to open our own wellness clinic. But moreover, it was his genuine love of people that left us wanting to recreate this feeling for ourselves, our family and our patients.  

In 2019 we opened Wellbe Family Wellness, with our dad in spirit, the love of our families and the amazing support of RBC and their range of business services and solutions that go beyond banking.

Through every stage of our business journey, we’ve counted on RBC’s easy to use tools, tips and services to help make life easier and put the right processes in place so that we can focus on what really matters – creating relationships with our patients.  

From business registration to accounting software, RBC has thought of everything that help make owning a business is a tad less overwhelming and bit more…well,  “do-able”!

Here are a few tools and services we’ve used along the way:

1. Ownr 

When I first started thinking of business ownership, I had no idea what was involved in those early days – from business registration to incorporation agreements – we were confused and overwhelmed.  Ownr made the set-up of my business simple, easy to understand, convenient and most of all super affordable.  We were able to register as an incorporation without paying expensive upfront fees and the whole process was easy and straight-forward.

2. Accounting 

The one thing scarier than incorporating our business was figuring out how to do the accounting for our business. I have a mental block when it comes to all things numbers. Luckily for us, RBC offers an easy to use software to scan receipts, send invoices, track payments and expenses, and manage finances – and integrates with RBC’s online banking platform. This has kept me in check organizationally and financially – see ya later spreadsheets!  

3. WeWork

Hosting a business meeting in our living room was a little less than ideal. WeWork in partnership with RBC offered us some sweet discounts and deals on shared workspaces and meeting rooms as well as giving us an opportunity to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  Through WeWork we met some incredible mentors that inspired and motivated us to keep on working towards our dream and never give up.  

Let’s face it – being an entrepreneur is a rewarding, yet challenging experience.  RBC’s business solutions have helped ease our administrative to-do’s, allowing us to focus on the more important aspects of growing our business. 

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