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Life as an entrepreneur can be both rewarding and overwhelming at the same time! From managing a team of practitioners and treating patients to overseeing day to day operations, I wear many hats, and I know I’m not the only one experiencing this. According to a recent RBC Small Business Poll, nearly one third of Canadian business owners say that managing the administrative tasks of their business is their biggest challenge., 

There just isn’t enough time in the day and it’s easy to get swamped. Enter the RBC Mobile app. I never thought I’d get so excited to use a banking app before, but RBC has created some pretty amazing mobile features that are easy to use and help business owners like me manage my business finances on the run – anywhere, anytime.

RBC’s NOMI™ Insights for businesss is just one of the many features of the app that I use on a regular basis. Not only does NOMI Insights help me track daily spending activity with easy to read graphics and charts, but it also gives me valuable financial insights and analyzes data using artificial intelligence (AI) to help guide my future business decisions. Plus, no spreadsheets – bonus!

What’s even better is that as soon as I log into the app, I get a quick financial snapshot summarizing our current cash flow position, and it shows me in real time the money going into my business, and the amount that’s going out as expenses . If you’re a business owner,you know just how important this is!

Many of the app’s features are really helpful when it comes to things like me analyzing the cash flow of my business, getting paid and saving money. with features like RBC Offers for Business. All of them combined definitely make the day-to-day hustle of business ownership a little less overwhelming and free up some time for me to do what I love – growing my business one patient at a time.
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