New Season – New you! Spring into Activity!

stretching muscles

It’s the first week of March!  And as I sit nestled on my stool at our kitchen counter with the sunshine pouring in (yay!), I can’t help but get excited about my new fitness goals for this season!

After pretty much hibernating this winter, spring brings more chances to get outdoors and ram up physical activity.  The trick is to ease back into a more active lifestyle – and not overdo it!

Here are some tips to get your body conditioned to more active lifestyle:

  • Stretch: Stretching before and after physical activity helps keep you in action longer. Perhaps even try a dynamic stretch before a run or sports such as soccer and a static stretch after
  • Hydrate: Staying hydrated before, during and even after physical activity helps the body pump more blood to muscles keeping them work efficiently and without injury
  • Sleep: It can be difficult to adjust to the longer days and summer hours in the spring, especially with abrupt daylight savings adjustments.  Sleep deprivation and insomnia often cause injuries and other health problems since a tired body is a weakened body.
  • Eat Well: Adding more activity means a busier schedule!  Don’t forget your fruits and veggies.  The spring season means those heavy comfy meals during winter aren’t needed.  But that doesn’t mean you need less calories!  Be sure to feed your body the good nutrients it needs to sustain your busy lifestyle.

Above all, be sure to set some goals and carve out some time to achieve them this season!  Happy Spring!

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